Valorant Indian Agent The Agent 21 Showed Off Again In Two New Trailers

The announcement that an Indian agent is coming to Valorant has been accompanied by several teasers and several cryptic tweets from Riot Games. The release of this new teaser along with another small video on Twitter shows that the introduction of the new agent is just around the corner.

Riot’s Valorant Twitter and YouTube accounts have shared videos of their next agent, Agent 21. Varun Batra, next season’s Agent 21, has been cryptically confirmed.

Valorant Indian Agent Teaser

Varun Batra is chased by locals in the country as they eat at a Dhaba in the teaser tweeted by the production team on Twitter. Astra and Skye communicate on YouTube’s teaser, but Varun Batra is out there enjoying tea and snacks while they search for the new agent.

The trailer also features a Hindi voiceover, but note that the voice alone has nothing to do with the character, as Valorant revealed at the beginning.

In this teaser trailer, just as in previous teasers, we don’t see an official image of the agent or learn what his abilities are. The end of the clip again reiterates the tagline “Jald Hi Milte Hain.”.

A new batch of agents will be added in Episode 5 Act III, including Agent 21. It has been rumored that the new agent resembles Astra, a.k.a. Efia Danso, whose arm accessories were used in a previous teaser video to track his whereabouts.

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