Kris Wu Net Worth, Rape Case, Family, Age, Bio, Earnings

Information on Kris Wu Net Worth can be found in this article. Kris Wu is a former actor, rapper as well as a model hailing from Canada. Prior to leaving SM Entertainment in 2014, Wu was a part of the Korean South Chinese boy band Exo and Exo-M, its subgroup.

Kris Wu has performed as an individual performer as well as acting in Mainland China. Of all Chinese films, Mr Six (2015) and Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017) have brought in some of the highest sums of money in China. Wu made the Hollywood debut with the film XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017). Wu isn’t expected to release until the year 2035 as according to Variety Wu, he’ll be exiled from China after he has served his 13-year prison sentence.

Kris Wu Net Worth

Kris Wu Net Worth 2022

In 2022 Kris Wu’s wealth will be 9 million dollars. He earns a decent income as a Chinese-Canadian actor or model as well as a singer through his work of passion, which Kris Wu invests a significant amount of time and is his personality.

NameWu Yifan
NicknameKris wu
Birth DateTuesday 6 November 1990
Birth PlaceGuangzhou City, a city in Guangdong Province, China
ProfessionRapper, singer, actor, and model
Net worth in 2022$9 Million
Weight70 kgs

Then, in February 2012 he joined part of the South Korean-Chinese group EXO. He joined the group in 2013. was a part of the team in the release of their studio album XOXO and the track “Growl.” Wu put out his debut solo single, “Time Boils the Rain.”

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Kris Wu net worth Growth Year Wise

Net Worth in 2018$5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$6 Million
Net Worth in 2020$7 Million
Net Worth in 2021$8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$9 Million

Kris Wu Rape Case

In the case of a rape that occurred during a rape incident in China, Canadian pop artist Kris Wu received a 13-year sentence in prison. According to several internet sources, Wu was raped by the three ladies between Nov. and the end of December in 2020.

When he was found to be guilty, involving a number of crimes that included rape, he was sentenced. According to the official WeChat account the court claimed Wu Yifan abused the services of three drunken women who were at the residence of Wu Yifan.

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Kris Wu Personal Life

Li Jiaheng, presently known as Kris Wu, was born in Guangzhou, China, on November 6 the 6th of November, 1990. After his parents divorced as a young child His mother was the one who had the responsibility of raising and care for the child. At the age of 10, old, his mom moved into Vancouver, Canada.

At 14 years old, He returned to China and attended for a short time Guangzhou No. Seven Middle School. Then the family relocated to Vancouver and there Kevin Li later enrolled in Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School as well as Point Grey Secondary School. Kevin Li is currently employed by motion-picture industry.

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Kris Wu Age

Kris Wu was born on the 6th November 1990. On November 6 2022, he was celebrating his birthday on the 32nd of November.

Height of Kris Wu

Kris Wu, a Canadian actor and model, stands 1.87 meters tall.

Kris Wu Parents

Stacey Yu Wu (Wu Xiuqin) and Li Kaiming gave birth to Li Jiaheng. As a young child their parents split up and he was raised with his mom.

Kris Wu Career

Kris Wu began his career as a singer as an apprentice with S.M. Entertainment in 2008.

In February 2012, he joined the band EXO in February 2012, he joined South Korean-Chinese boy-band EXO. He released the album’s studio album, ‘XOXO along with the single “Growl.’

Then, when Wu left the group Wu released his own solo track, “Time Boils the Rain.”

The film he directed his first time, “Somewhere Only We Know,” was released in February 2015, and He made his acting debut in the film.

Wu released his track “Deserve,” which featured American rapper Travis Scott, in October 2017. After this, Wu released a song named “B.M.” online for everyone to enjoy.

After this, an announcement of the song “Miss You” featuring Zhao Liying. The music video that accompanied the song was made available online in December of last year. Wu is now set to be a part of the upcoming action feature film “Europe Raiders.”

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