‘Evercore Heroes’ is a competitive multiplayer game developed by ex-Riot developers

A year after it was announced, Vela Games’ Evercore Heroes finally gets its first look. Vela Games is a relatively new company formed by former Riot, EA, Epic, and Blizzard employees. This title combines elements from genres such as MOBA and PvE Co-op to create an entirely new experience that they call a “MOCO”.

A MOCO is a multiplayer online co-op game that combines co-op raid mechanics with personal versus online play. It distinguishes itself from the MOBA genre by combining co-op raid mechanics with PvE. The game’s unique amalgamation of genres is fairly ambitious, and the internal testing seems to have gone well.

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Evercore Heroes’ reveal trailer demonstrates the same depth that you would expect from a MOBA game with the addition of competition with other players.

Evercore Heroes Could be the Next Big Multiplayer Juggernaut

In this game, while teams of four will compete against AI on a particular map, they will also have to race to finish the map before four other teams of four at the same time. By doing this, the gameplay becomes much more frantic and competitive while keeping the fun of co-op multiplayer intact.

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Players progress organically through each match as they mow down hoards and combat enemy bosses to level up and become more powerful. Recently, PvE has been gaining popularity, and games like Destiny 2 have perfected the co-op raid style of gameplay.

The goal of Evercore Heroes is to simulate a similar co-op PvE experience while also allowing players to compete against each other. The gaming community will be interested in seeing how Evercore Heroes is received when it opens up for testing on October 13. Which platforms will be supported by the game is still unclear.

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